The Trager Approach

...the gentle way to relaxed ease in your body.

The Trager approach is a light, non-intrusive method of movement re-education that addresses the integration of the mind and body. Like many movement approaches it aims to release long-term, deep-seated physical and mental patterns through gentle hands-on work. The Trager approach can help alleviate the discomforts and stresses of everyday life, and can allow the client to approach greater fluidity and freedom of movement.

The Trager approach includes table work guided by a certified practitioner, and a directed movement aspect called Mentastics. Mentasitics is a word coined by Dr. Milton Trager, to mean the gentle, self-directed movements designed to enhance the lightness and ease of movement; they are used alone or during a table session to deepen the value of the session.

In the table work, the practitioner will lightly touch you – gently rocking, swinging, stretching, and applying pressure. The movements create waves of motion that pass from the extremities and then resonate with your deepest core levels. As you and the practitioner uncover places of restriction, you learn how to play with, to dance along the meeting point between restriction and freedom, never forcing more movement, just allowing the unconscious mind to feel the possibility of something more free and open.

What happens at a session?

You will be asked to lie on a well-padded table, in a warm and quiet environment, in comfortable clothes. The Trager practitioner works in a state of relaxed, meditative awareness that allows them to connect deeply with the client in an unforced way and to perceive the slightest responses from your body. From this state, the practitioner uses gentle, non-intrusive, hands-on contact with different parts of the body to invite greater softness, lightness, and freedom in both the tissue and in the mind of the client. It is a safe, nurturing, and healing process.

John often uses this approach when the client finds it difficult to relax. It is the supreme way of inducing deep relaxation and a healing, light-alpha state.

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