John Smith – Manual, Movement and Somatic Therapist

A complete approach to the care, repair and maintenance of your body

You don't have to feel bad to feel better!

John Smith is an experienced manual, movement and somatic therapist. With over 30 years of experience, he is now working from his studio in beautiful Uki
in the Northern Rivers district of NSW. Rolfing and other manual therapies can assist with:

Although modern manual therapies are highly successful in treating a huge range of physical problems and painful conditions, they can also enrich the life for those who are not suffering significant problems – giving a sense of ease, poise, effortlessness and even joy in movement. We spend a lot of money on our vehicles – but what is the most important vehicle in our life?

Structural Bodywork Book

Providing an advanced introduction to the field of structural bodywork, this valuable resource combines coverage of both skills and theory into one comprehensive guide to bodywork practice. Featuring numerous illustrations with photographs and drawings, it provides extensive information on the theory of structural bodywork related to human anatomy and clincal presentations. 

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You don't have to feel bad to feel better! Find out what Rolfing can do for you.