John is an Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner.

He is also available for CranioSacral therapy (Upledger), visceral work (Barral), Trager work, postural assessment and deep tissue work.

His book, Structural Bodywork (Elsevier, Edinburg, 2005), is regarded as one of the best introductions to the structural approach to bodywork. John has travelled extensively as an international lecturer (and student), and has a broad interest in somatic movement approaches.


John has taught at:
He has been the anatomy teacher for the Australian Rolfing Association and teaches weekend workshops in myofascial techniques and the structural bodywork approach.

Assisting at Trainings

As part of the Australian Rolfing faculty, John taught and assisted at various Rolfing trainings, in Australia and the USA.

Conference Presentations:

John has been asked to speak at many conferences about his work:

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