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John Smith - Manual and Movement Therapist

John has now moved to the Northern Rivers District and will no longer be taking Sydney appointments.

A complete approach to the care and maintenance of your body

John Smith (BEd) is an experienced manual and movement therapist. He is an Advanced Rolfer, a Rolf Movement teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner. He is also available for CranioSacral therapy, Trager work, postural assessment, deep tissue, sports and remedial massage, and myofascial release work.

He is an international lecturer and an anatomy teacher for the Australian Rolfing Association.

John has produced a comprehensive introductory text on the structural body work approach: 'Structural Bodywork - An Introduction for Students and Practitioners' (Elsevier 2004), which is now available internationally (see Structural BODYWORK book for more information).

John's book, Structural Bodywork: An Introduction for Students and Practitioners is available now - for the somatic professional.